Mr. Molar

Mr Molar is the epitome of a perfect smile – bright, white and full of life! Along with his big family of 32 other healthy teeth (now that’s a mouthful), he lives in Melbourne at his home at The Dental Solution Australia. Every day he works hard smiling, chewing food and chatting away but he always finds time to brush himself throughout the day. He carries his toothbrush around wherever he goes so he never forgets to clean away the corrosive germs that try and stick to his enamel. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy helps you keep your teeth for life. Like Mr Molar and his family, brush your teeth three times a day to make sure your smile keeps shining, no matter how long in the tooth you get. Mr Molar is looking forward to seeing you all brushing, brushing, brushing!

Call to Arms Mascot Race featuring Mr. Molar at the MCG Mr. Molar was a participant in the Cancer Council Call To Arms match Mascot Race. Watch the video:

Mr. Molar and The Dental Solution proudly support Oral Cancer Research.

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