Custom Fitted Mouthguard Kit


A mouthguard is a device that covers the teeth, protecting them to prevent dental injuries.

At The Dental Solution we’re changing the game and providing every athlete, great or small, the highest level of protection.

Based on the specialised technology used in the production of our popular pro-grade Performance Mouthguards, we have developed a ‘do it at home’ version designed to provide a perfectly fitting custom mouthguard for junior and amateur sportspeople.


Purchase a Custom Mouthguard Kit online at The Dental Solution and create a custom mould at home. Send your kit back to The Dental Solution and your mould will then be used to create a custom mouthguard matched perfectly to your mouth.

Each mould and finished mouthguard is checked and approved by one of our fully-qualified dental technician specialists before dispatch, ensuring the highest quality.

With the convenience of online ordering and minus time consuming consultations, there has never been an easier way to protect the health and safety of your teeth with the use of a custom mouthguard.