The Silencer Appliance

  • Titanium Halstrom Hinge™.
  • Highly Adjustable, increments as small as 1mm.
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Precise Laboratory Fabricated Fit
  • Comfort & Durability
  • Five Year warranty on hinge.
  • Select Laboratories Provide Three Year Warranty on the body of the appliance.
  1. Non-invasive reversible treatment;
  2. The dental provider may select from a number of independent dental labs for fabrication of The Silencer® Professional;
  3. A research proven appliance that takes a respectful approach to the needs of the jaw joint and the bite relationship;
  4. Vertical and horizontal adjustability provides the clinician a with a complete adjustment range to achieve the ideal setting for individual patients;
  5. High standard of quality and design, including lateral mobility, provide a best practices approach to the patient’s ongoing comfort;
  6. Long-term cost effective solution to this often lifelong medical need.
  7. For cases of heavy bruxism, patient may be fit using the heavy duty version of the titanium Halstrom Hinge™.